Home is where the wood is.

The combination of the positive environmental impact (wood as a renewable material that stores CO²), the good building properties (stable, light, insulation, prefabricated building) and the cozy feeling of wooden surfaces, convinced us to use wood as the primary building material in this project.

The individual wooden units are stacked like containers.

Inspired by the shipping containers in Hamburgs harbour, we came up with the idea to prefabricate the units like containers. We were able to find an Austrian company capable of producing these container-shaped living units. Through prefabrication and economies of scale, it was possible to build faster and simultaneously improve the build quality.

The massive wooden walls (10-12 cm thick) remain visible which gives the rooms a very cozy feel. The ground floor as the buildings supporting base is made of concrete to bear the loads of 6 stories of wooden containers (a total of 1.786 tons of wood).

The building materials are clearly visible from the outside, wood is wood, concrete is concrete.